Acne in Adult Females

Most people have experienced acne at a point in their lives growing up. Unfortunately for some they never outgrow it. More percentage of women as compared to men in ages 20-60 still suffer from breakouts.

Sebum or oil clogs pores causing it to swell. Sebum and dead skin cells trapped in pores attract bacteria, thus making the acne worse. Excessive production of Androgen causes breakouts, so as the overproduction of estrogen in women. Hormonal imbalances causing high percentage of adult women versus adult men have acne because hormonal fluctuations occur more due to menstruation, pregnancy and menopause.

For both men and women, acne treatment should be tailored to the severity of his condition. For women though, there are much more considerations; pregnancy, perimenopause, etc. Women who use cosmetics which can also be a factor contributing to acne. As women get older, the skin gets even dryer making even the best product for acne more irritable to the skin.

Adult Acne Treatment Options

First line medication for mild to severe acne are retinoids which is compound of Vitamin A derivatives.

Hormone Therapies

An example is anti-androgen drug used in combination with oral contraceptives. For therapies targeting hormone production, history of the patient should be checked. Contraindications include high blood pressure, history of stroke or heart attacks, history of breast cancer, etc.

Cosmetics are women’s best friends.

Women though, should not just go for anything they like. Women should also make sure that it won’t clog the pores thus labeled “non-comedogenic”. For cleaners or make-up remover or any product applied to the skin, choose products for sensitive skin only to lessen skin irritation. Just make sure to not overwash, over-exfoliate your skin and also to use, noncomedogenic moisturizer to maintain water in your skin and avoid dry skin. Do not ever pick, pop or squeeze your pimples. Not doing so reduces the risk of bacterial infection and unsightly acne marks.

These are just some of the modern acne treatments that are often used for adult acne treatment. If you have not found a reliable treatment, you can try these treatments and see whether these therapies can work for you. If you are not fond of modern acne treatments and would rather treat your acne conservatively, check out some homemade treatments for acne. Homemade acne treatments usually takes longer to take effect but are considered as safe and also effective in treating the symptoms of acne and preventing acne from coming back.